Thursday, September 8, 2016

What will it take for you to understand your worth?

Many of us go through this amazing journey, that we call life, never understanding or getting the full value of our self worth.  Every person is born with talents and or skill sets that are unique to them.  The first thing that each of us needs to do is understand what that talent and or skill set is.  The next thing you must do is honor what you've learned about your talents.  
Why do I say this?  I say this because throughout my life time, as I've watched sports and read articles that involved different athletes and their finances, one consistent message comes to the forefront.  That one thing is a pro-athlete mismanaging  his/her finances. When given the opportunity to make comments, those who have read the articles, tend to talk about how the athletes should have taken better are of the money.

However, what most of these commenters have failed to take into consideration is that, many athletes talents and skill sets aren't finance related.   The athletes talents and skills are are accentuated by whatever sports endeavor that they excel in.  And that skill set helps them to do their job and get paid for it.   
It's unfair to assume that because someone has a particular set of skills that they are competent in every aspect of the job they work and just like we can't expect every academic scholar to be a great athlete, neither should we expect a great athlete to be a financial genius.   
So if you want to begin to understand your self worth, embrace your talents and understand how you must first come to grips with which talents and skill sets are your most powerful and then honor them.