Monday, July 4, 2016

Don't stress the children

A part of good parenting is protecting our children from seen and unseen danger, even if that danger is residing within us. Let me use an example that many of us can probably relate to. I grew up in a poor family with five other siblings, I never realized that we were poor until I became an adult. (Kudos to my parents.) While growing up I never witnessed, or maybe I just didn't pay our economic situation any attention, parents struggling or fighting over bills. Now I'm sure that this probably didn't take place, however they did everything in their power not to make it their children's concern.  In other words, all I had to be worried about was being a kid and making good grades in school. Being a child in today's world carries a bit more youthful stress than in my younger days. But there's one thing that we must keep in mind if we are to be good stewards over our children and that is this:   We must do everything that we can to keep our stress out of their young lives.