Monday, October 3, 2016

It's important as a father to be able to look at yourself 
and  do an internal audit of what you portray isn't it?  

I often thought about this when my daughter was young.  I remember her saying that when she was older that she was going to get married but she wasn't ever going to have children.  When she became a teenager, she recanted that statement and said she might have a few children and each year as I watched her grow, I had hoped that I had set a really good example of what qualities, in a man, she should look for.

Sometimes, I wondered if I had done something incorrectly because some of the guys she called "a friend of interest," I just couldn't see why she had ever thought they would get passed me or her mother!  As she grew into her womanhood, I watched as boyfriends came and went.  I knew that I had led by example and that when the time was right and she truly wanted to get married, that she would make a good choice.  Maybe not the best choice but a good one.

And honestly, like most dads.  She forever, will be my baby....  Love you Jiggly-Puff