Monday, May 2, 2016

What is the conversation series about?

Conversation with my dad is a series of self help topics that I sat down with my son's and recorded. It started out as just a way for me to sit down and talk about some real life issues and how the decisions that you make regarding these issues impact your life. However due to the positive responses that i received when I allowed people to hear it, it began to evolve into what it is now. And that is a CD series, a website, and soon a class room discussion with a work book. The first set of topics in the conversations series covers seven topics that I felt were relevant to their development in the transistion from young people into responsible adults. The seven topics that I selected were titled, 1) Mind your business, 2) The keys to a better existence/ conflict resolution, 3) The importance of choosing the right mate, 4) Why a good education is a necesity, 5) The importance of maintaining your family structure, 6) The importance of good negotiation skills, 7) Choices (race, religion, politics).
As I begin to get into these topics I will briefly explain what was covered in the conversation and feel free to give me feed back on these topics and let me know whats on your mind. Today we will start with the first topic of Mind your business, what I discussed was that we all should understand and look at our lives as a business. We discussed that in our live time people use us to help them reach their goals, this is true no matter how you slice it, from us taking jobs in corporate America to the sales of goods and services to us. We talked about how when you dont mind your business small matters can turn into large more difficult matters very quickly. The example I used in this instance was getting tickets and then ignoring them, it may start off as a fine for what ever the violation may be, but it can end up as suspended license, jail time and lots of fines. That's just a small piece of what takes place in the conversation series, as I progress I look forward to your feed back and suggestions. Im just getting familiar with this blogging thing so kind of be patient with me and work with me, I will be checking and updatiing my blog regularly, so until the next time that we connect make sure that you mind your business.