Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stop, look and listen

While attending a baseball game over the weekend, I noticed that the pitcher found himself in a tough situation. The bases were loaded, with nobody out and the teams' best player was at the plate with a count of two balls and no strikes. Knowing what was at stake, the pitcher stepped off of the mound, took a deep breath and gathered his composure. After doing that, he went on to strike out the batter and get the next batter to hit into a double play to end the game. 

In life we face similar situations, where we need to step back take a deep breathe and gather ourselves, just like this pitcher. 

 I know that many of you may have faced certain times in your life when it seems that all of the odds were stacked against you. That's the time to a step back, gather yourself, and come up with the winning strategy needed for success. #Refocus Conversations with my Dad