Thursday, July 16, 2015

How do we get them to listen early?

That is the question many of us parents today, and our own parents, parents have been asking for years. How do we get our children to listen at an early age, as opposed to later in life when they are asking themselve's why me, or what went wrong. 

As parents we often already know what went wrong, and that is that they didn't listen to someone that had more life experience than them, that someone being the parents. With that said lets get to the root of the question, how do we get them to listen? There is not one simple approach to this problem, because it takes on many different dynamics depending on the parties involved. For example it would be a bit more challenging for a parent to convince their child that drinking alcohol in excess is a bad thing, if that child sees the parent drinking in excess daily. 

Depending on the people involved or the circumstances that exist the way we get them to listen to our message varies. Since my whole premise is base on people having some forms of conversation to get to a point of understanding, I feel that we should keep on talking until we are blue in the face. Also we need to expose our children to examples of the results that come from what ever peril that we are trying to steer them away from. Our main goal here is to keep not only our children but ourselve out of a (I TOLD YOU SO) situation. So my advice to all of you parents dealing with this problem is, keep talking, keep praying, and keep and eye on your precious future.