Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mind your business

Life is like a business...

Everyone should look at their lives as a business.  While saying this, I need you to keep in mind, that just like any successful business, you're only as good as the people you align yourself with.  Our business ventures start at our infancy, while we are begining to learn what we want and how to get it.  

Crying is how a baby negotiates, crying either reinforces a certain behavior or let's the baby know that they should try something else.  When crying no longer works, the baby begins to seek different methods of getting its way.  

As we grow, we begin to choose who we will partner with, this is true from the playground to the board room.   On the playground we are usually looking to team up with who we think will help us win at what ever we are playing.  That fact remains the same in the board room as well, successful companies are always looking to add the best and brightest talent.  Is that you?

They say that opposites attract, sometimes this is a good thing but depending on your business and the direction in which you choose to head. It may be a better idea if you choose partnerships that are heading in the same direction that you have decided to go.