Sunday, September 9, 2012

Self respect and personal respect.

In my journey through life, I have seen people get into fights over what they perceived as a lack of respect for them. In many cases, that may have been true, however sometims it may not have been true.  Maybe it was just the way the offended person thought that they were or were not being treated. With that said, we should have an understanding, that most of the respect that we get or don't get starts with us, and It's called SELF RESPECT.

 Let me lay out some quick examples of how our respect level can easily get misjudged by others, whether it is right or wrong on the other persons part. Ladies first, when I'm out and about, I see women dressed in certain ways, based on the way that they are dressed, it brings out a certain response in a lot of men. When I hear these women complain about how they are being interacted with, I ask myself. "What kind of response was she expecting, when wearing a skirt that you have to pull down every few paces?"  Of course in a perfect world no one would bother this person or say anything inappropriate, but as most of us know we don't live in that kind of world quite yet.

 Now for the gentlemen, men battle for respect on many different levels daily, from the home, on the streets and in the workplace. With that in mind, men should understand, that our appearance need to change based on the conditions that they find themselves in. Our work apparel or trying to get work uniforms, have to be different from our hanging with the fellas uniform and our dating apparel should be totally different altogether/.  Here is my point, I was surprised when I was attending a job fair and saw the attire of many of the young men who were seeking employment. We must remember life is just one big costume party, if we show up at the party in the wrong costume we should prepare ourselves not to be let in, made a spectacle of, or what we may perceived as DISRESPECTED.

 You better look twice at that person in the mirror before you walk out the door or at least roll with a person that will to be honest with you.