Thursday, December 29, 2016

What does your self portrait look like?

If you had to paint a picture of yourself, what would it look like?  Your self portrait is just that how you see yourself.  Your self portrait controls your self confidence.  If an advesary want to bring you down one of the places that they will start is at your self confidence by changing the picture that you have of you.

quote:  self reflection is the school of wisdom

When you have created the self portrait that you feel represents the person that you truly are, be prepared for your advisories to come our.  But don't be discouraged by your adversaries for they will help to move you to your greatness.  An avesary is as important as a friend because friends provide you comfort and advisory provides your promotion.  When a advisory comes into your life, it is a signal that this portion of your life is coming to a conclusion, and greater thing are ahead.  But remember, those greater things will only happen depending on what you decide to do in your moment of change.

When you come face to face with your adversary don't use victim vocabulary.  Don't talk about how bad you have it, this will give fuel to your adversary's cause.  Vulnerability attacks bullies, so when you have created and put on display that strong self portrait that you have created.  People that have come into your life with bad intentions will have to think twice or move on.

So today take a look at the portrait that you have painted of yourself, go over it and do the touch up work where needed and don't walk away until you feel that your portrait represents the your that you want the world to see.