Monday, April 11, 2016

The birth of an author

Finally my book is completed and is posted on Amazon.  What a journey it has been to actually complete the book that I started almost four year ago.  My book is titled Conversations with my Dad. It's written as a guide for teens and young adults in an effort, to help them steer clear of the self sabotaging mistakes that many of us have done in our youth.

For instance have you ever reached one of the many forks in the road of your life, had to make a critical choice and chose the wrong one?  Not only did you chose the wrong path but you knew it was wrong when you made the choice?  In this wonderful life that we have been gifted, we will be faced with many challenges and choices along our journey, when we reach these critical times, one of the things that I use to help me stay on  track, is to always ask myself.  What would you do if your mother was watching?

In todays world, we are photographed more times than we know of.  Therefore when faced with a tough choice that involves character, always assume that someone is watching.  If not your parents, then imagine it's someone else who you may love and respect and you don't want to let down.

I touch on matters such as this in my book.  I talk about self worth, bullying, education and family.